Weekly Summary (4/21/14 - 4/27/14)

OK, a little more productive this week.  Me, anyway, on the site.  Don't know about you, or your kids.  Of course, a productive week on the site might make it a less productive (albeit it more enjoyable) week for your family.

BlogVideo: "Prefix or Suffix?" - The Bazillions, World Premiere Video: "Daylight" - The Dream Jam Band, Video: "A Fact Is a Gift That You Give Your Brain" - Steve 'n' SteveN, Radio Playlist: New Music April 2014Listen To This: Vol. 4 (La Educación) - minimúsica (Various Artists)

Videos:  "Go Fire Truck, Go" - Suzi Shelton

Listen to Music:  None this week

Free Music:  "Who Grew My Soup?" - Story Laurie

Kids Music Reviews:   None this week

iOS Apps:  Drawnimal - Lucas Zanotto

Upcoming Releases: Constantly updating...


Kindie Week in Review:   Ep. 58: This Podcast Is a Gift That You Give Your Brain

My Other Other Gig:  None this week

Bake Sale:  None this week