World Premiere Video: "Daylight" - The Dream Jam Band

Rather than some complicated introduction, let me state simply that I think this brand new song and video is lovely.  It's for "Daylight," the leadoff track from The Dream Jam Band's brand-new album The World of Nickhoo.  The adult watching might hear some echoes of the Beatles in the gentle, wake-up melody, and see some echoes of movies like The Red BalloonGravity, and Star Wars in the visuals from Planet Sunday, but you don't need any of those references to enjoy the simple journey of a raccoon through the world.

The album itself is released digitally today and physically in mid-May.  You can learn about the whole album at the World of Nickhoo site.  For now, I'm just pleased to world-premiere this video.

The Dream Jam Band - "Daylight" [YouTube]