"Colour of Leaves" - The Moonlights

Artist: The Moonlights

Song: "Colour of Leaves"

AlbumThe Moonlights

Description: I know.  What in the world am I doing posting a song titled "Colour of Leaves" in mid-March -- presumably it's all about fall colors, right?  Nope!  Well, maybe it is, but there are lyrics celebrating the sun, tiny bugs, moss, and, yes, SPRING!  As a video, this is pretty boring -- Moonlights Dean Jones and Rachel Loshak singing and occasionally making eye contact with the camera -- but as a song, Jones and Loshak make for some wonderful harmonies.

Source: YouTube

"Cat Scratch Fever" - fleaBITE

Artist: fleaBITE

Song: "Cat Scratch Fever"

Album: In Your Ear

Description: No, not that "Cat Scratch Fever."  This one from New Zealand's best kids music band is odder, but also, in the end, far kinder.  Illustrated and animated with a slightly hypnotizing style by Philippa McDermott.

Source: YouTube

"Byke" - Baron Von Rumblebuss

Artist: Baron Von Rumblebuss

Song: "Byke"


Description: This is a fairly lo-fi video, a "condensed shot of our favorite bike ride" in North Carolina's Raleigh-Durham area, as BVR's mastermind Tray Batson puts it.  But its mellow filtered vibe and surprisingly un-sped up visuals match the dreamy song celebrating bike-riding quite nicely.

Source: YouTube

"The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow" - StevenSteven

Artist: StevenSteven

Song: "The Unicorn and Princess Rainbow"

Album: Foreverywhere

Description: Steve Burns wearing a headband with a unicorn horn, Steven Drozd playing 3 instruments at once, and an epic story acted out by, what, 7-year olds?  Psychedelic rock has never been so kindie.

Source: YouTube

"Rolling Down the Hill" - Justin Roberts

Artist: Justin Roberts

Song: "Rolling Down the Hill"


Description: A cute kid playing office, Justin mugging for the camera as he pretends to play Robbie Fulks' guitar solo, and a sweet fiddle-tinged folk song (with a fiddler to boot).  All that and one of my favorite closing lyrical lines in a kindie song this or perhaps any other year.

Source: YouTube

"Make a Circle" - Jennifer Paskow

Artist: Jennifer Paskow

Song: "Make a Circle"

Album: Make a Circle

Description: Sunny, smiling kids and adults to go with a sunny, smile-y song.  Lots of movements to be made along with the music, too.  The video is directed by 17-year-old Claire Jantzen, whose skill in putting together this video at such a young age bodes well for her future success in not only film and directing but probably anything else she puts her mind to.


"We Are the Dinosaurs (Dance Remix)" - Laurie Berkner

Artist: Laurie Berkner

Song: "We Are the Dinosaurs (Dance Remix)"

Album: N/A

Description: You know, everything you really need to know about the song is right there in the title.  It's Berkner's modern classic of a song... remixed for the dance floor.  I kinda like it, though I was underwhelmed by the drop.  The preschoolers will probably rave, though.

Source: YouTube

"Dolphin Disco" - The Whizpops

Artist: The Whizpops

Song: "Dolphin Disco"

Album: Sea Blue Sea

Description: Another nifty collaboration between the Montana-based band and their Montana-based friends at SciShow Kids.  This song's a little more information-dense than some of their other (already information-dense) songs about the natural world, so the kinetic typography lyric video format works well.  Did you know there were so many types of dolphin?  I did not.

Source: YouTube