Listen To This: Vol. 4 (La Educación) - minimúsica (Various Artists)

I've been a long-time admirer of the fine folks at minimúsica, the young-person's offshoot of Spanish/Catalan label Sonos.  They've previously released 3 albums of first-rate, mostly Spanish-language indie-pop for the kiddos about food, transportation, and animals, and now, after a successful crowd-funding campaign, they've released their fourth album, La Educación.

Even if you're not proficient in Spanish (or Catalan -- L'Educació), I think you can understand the theme of this latest venture -- it's all about education.

Because Spanish is not my second language, I can't vouch for the educational nature of most of the songs, but even the English-speaking among you will recognize the energy of the opening track, Joan Colomo's "A, e, i, o, u" and its follow-up, Christina Rosenvinge's take on "Do, Re, Mi."  There are 3 other tracks in English, though they're not my favorites.  Stream the album below, and if the songs move you, 5 Euros is less than $7 for a download.