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    "Pancakes & Syrup" (from Yo Gabba Gabba) - Biz Markie

    Artist: Biz Markie

    Song: "Pancakes & Syrup"

    Album: Yo Gabba Gabba Music Is Awesome! Vol. 4

    Description: Pancakes may very well be the most popular food subject for kids' musicians (also highly ranked: ice cream, popcorn).  I could make a sweet (pun partially intended) mini album just of pancake- (and/or waffle-) themed songs (paging Frances England, Johnny Bregar, the Boogers).  This Yo Gabba Gabba!-related song from Biz Markie would make the (syrupy) grade as well.

    Source: Soundcloud



    "Falling" - Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights

    Artist: Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights

    Song: "Falling"

    Album: N/A

    Description: A sweet and slightly zippity song about autumn.  Includes glockenspiel and ukulele, which I hope is enough information to get you to click play on the widget below (and download it if your family is charmed by it).

    Source: Bandcamp


    "First Day" - The Board of Education

    Artist: The Board of Education

    Song: "First Day"

    Album: N/A

    Description: The braniac band's next album Binary is coming out late this month, they swear, but they've got a single for the first day of school just in time for, OK, 'round these parts it's, like, the fifth week of school, but I think there are still a few districts around the country respecting the no-school-before-Labor-Day rule.  A bit of a different sound, but still the mix of salty and sweet the band does so well.  They're the Kettle Corn of kindie.

    Source: Soundcloud / Bandcamp


    Late Summer Road Trip - Various Artists

    Artist: Various

    Album: "Late Summer Road Trip" playlist

    Description: Not so much an album as much a random collection of downloads from recent and upcoming releases.  It's collected by kids music publicist Beth Blenz-Clucas and includes music from Ozomatli's upcoming kids' album, the Okee Dokee Brothers, and lots more.  Definitely worth checking out, but it'll only be up for a limited time (through this weekend, Aug. 18 or so).

    Source: Soundcloud


    Raise a Ruckus - Hullabaloo

    Artist: Hullabaloo

    Album: Raise a Ruckus

    Description: The upcoming tenth album from the Southern California folk/country duo.  This album was produced by Tor Hyams and features guest musicians Molly Ledford, Marcy Marxer, and Buck Howdy.

    Source: Bandcamp


    "Clap Your Hands" - They Might Be Giants

    The iconic (and occasionally iconoclastic) band They Might Be Giants is celebrating the tenth anniversary of their first kids album No! with, well, a deluxe, expanded re-release of their first kids album No!.  The album will feature 7 bonus tracks, including a live version of "Clap Your Hands."  I am geeked to be able to post this here for your downloading (or streaming) pleasure. [Original post]

    They Might Be Giants - "Clap Your Hands (Bonus Live Version from No! Deluxe Reissue)"


    "Kindergarten Got a Cold" - Roy Handy and the Moonshot

    Is "germ-jazz" a micro-genre?  Perhaps it could be -- nothing but songs featuring hand washing and flu shots and the great American art form.  Roy Handy and the Moonshot offer up their take with their free single, "Kindergarten Got a Cold," reminding us that remembering to wash your hands (constantly) is not so easy when you're in kindergarten.



    "Mommies Song" - Poochamungas

    Chicago-area band Poochamungas is offering a free download of their song "Mommies Song" just in time for... wait for it... Mother's Day!  It's from their first album Mud, Mommies, and Mayhem.  (It features some nice slide guitar work, among other things.)

    You can download the track for free at the album's CD Baby page.  Go ahead -- there's still time to add it to your Mother's Day mix CD.


    "Backyard Camping" - Ratboy Jr. w/ Dog on Fleas

    This will probably be the weirdest kids' song you hear all week.  It's called "Backyard Camping," and somehow I'm not surprised that a candidate for "weirdest kids' song of the week" comes from the minds of Ratboy Jr. and Dog on Fleas (Dean Jones is producing the upcoming Ratboy Jr. album).  It's a goof, but a goof that evokes both the Dead Milkmen and Prince in its celebration of pitching your tent in your own backyard.

    Originally released on, yes, cassette, it's now available in digital format for your free downloading pleasure.  (I don't want to call it a "cassingle" because my memories of those were that they came in cardboard packages, and my copy from the band came in the plastic "jewel case" format.)


    "Happy Mother's Day" - The Harmonica Pocket

    Seattle-area band The Harmonica Pocket is gearing up for the release of their sixth album, Apple Apple, and one of the tracks on the new album, "Mother Mother," would be perfect for Mother's Day.  If only Mother's Day weren't coming up.... wait a minute...

    This is a jazzy, reggae-touched tune with a simple message.  Stream it below, and add it to that mix CD you and the kids are making for the mom-figure (or figures) in your life.