"The Dot Song" - Emily Dale and Peter H. Reynolds


Artist: Emily Dale

Song: "The Dot Song"

Album: N/A

Description: There is a good chance that you and/or your kids have read The Dot, a lovely little picture book from Peter H. Reynolds about creativity and in particular the importance of simply starting anywhere.  Now Los Angeles-based musician Dale has teamed up with Reynolds to pen this poppy song to accompany the book.  If you were charmed by the book, the song is a nice accompaniment.

Source: Bandcamp

Photo: Christine Eaves

If We Must We Must - The Good Ms. Padgett


Artist: The Good Ms. Padgett

Album: If We Must We Must

Description: "Compared to the folksier and often hushed [sister-in-law Elizabeth] Mitchell, however, Padgett cranks up the volume, if not to 11, at least to 8 or 9 on a few tracks." (from the review)

Source: Bandcamp

3's a Charm - Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips

Artist: Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

Album: 3's a Charm

Description: A brand new EP from SoCal's heartfelt master-mixer musical styles (one guess as to the number of tracks), 3's a Charm a somewhat mellower outing featuring 3 love songs to the youngsters in his family.

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More Multicultural Children's Songs (Sampler) - Ella Jenkins


ArtistElla Jenkins

AlbumMore Multicultural Children's Songs

Description:  A follow-up to her 1995 album Multicultural Children's Songs, this new album will be released on August 5th to celebrate the music legend's 90th birthday.  Twenty songs from her catalogue, plus a liner note essay from Ella herself.  Here are three tracks...

Source: Soundcloud / Smithsonian

Road Trip - Hullabaloo

Artist: Hullabaloo

Album: Road Trip

Description: It's May, which means it's time to start thinking about road trips, traveling across the state (or even the country) to experience new things.  The 2011 album from the San Diego-area band has a whiff of the open road that's a sweet match for your family's summer travels.  (Original review here.)

Source: Bandcamp

Cat Doorman Songbook (Sampler) - Cat Doorman

Artist: Cat Doorman (aka Julianna Bright)

Album: Cat Doorman Songbook (sampler)

Description: You can now stream most of one of 2013's most distinctive-sounding albums.  The debut kids' album from Portland, Oregon's Bright has an Etsy aesthetic and a brave emotional tone.  (And sometimes it rocks out, too.)  Listen to nine album tracks via the widget below.

Source: Soundcloud

Til the Morning: Lullabies & Songs of Comfort - Edie Carey and Sarah Sample

Artist: Edie Carey & Sarah Sample

Album: 'Til the Morning: Lullabies & Songs of Comfort

Description: Funded (or pre-sold) originally as a Kickstarter project, this collection of lullabies from the two singer-songwriters promises to deliver on the promise of its album title (except for the implied 8-hour run time).  The four tracks put up for preview from the June 10 release I think will interest many listeners, both for its gentle style as well as for the song selection (e.g., "California Stars," a Billy Bragg/Wilco/Woody Guthrie track, or "Lullaby," originally recorded by the Dixie Chicks).

Source: Bandcamp

Australian Playground - Putumayo Kids (Various Artists)


Artist: Putumayo Kids (Various Artists)

Album: Australian Playground

Description: So there's a new Putumayo collection out May 27 from a land down under.  It does not feature the Wiggles, which I suspect the Putumayo target audience is OK with.  It does feature some usual Australian suspects ("Waltzing Matilda," natch), some omissions (no "Kookaburra"), and a bunch of folk-jazz artists (with a touch of "world music") who'll be new to the Northern Hemisphere. 

Source: Bandcamp