Introduction to Kids Music

So you're new to the world of kids music and don't have time to burrow the archives of a website that's more than a decade old?  What are you saying, that kids take up a lot of time?

OK, so I get it, obviously.  I hope that this page gives you the info and links you need to get your family started exploring the world of music made for kids and families.

Best Music for New Parents: [article arriving soon!]

Best Music for Parents of Preschoolers and Early Elementary-Aged Kids: [article arriving soon!]

Best Music for Parents of Older Elementary-Aged Kids: [article arriving soon!]

$9.99 Kindie Music Videos in the Age of YouTube: A presentation I did for a kids music conference in 2013, highlighting some of the diversity in kids music video styles.  You could do a lot worse for 14 videos than watching the embedded playlist.

Fids and Kamily Awards: An annual "best-of" survey I help administer, featuring the votes of more than 2 dozen people who listen to way more kids music than I do.  I like to think I have a pretty good ear, but checking out the yearly awards here is a great way of finding out what a broad consensus of folks think is the best in kids' music.

Create a Family Band for $100: Well, not like the Partridge Family [probably], just the basic building (and musical blocks) for making music, which I think is every bit as important as listening to music.

Other Links: In addition to the main site, which tries to point out the very best in kids music today, my Links page will direct you to other folks who think about this stuff a lot.  You can also find Videos, places to Listen to Kids Music, Free Kids Music, and other Kids Music Reviews.