"Kidz Rock" - Twinkle Time (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)

Artist: Twinkle Time (feat. Mista Cookie Jar)

Song: "Kidz Rock"

Album: N/A (forthcoming 2015 album)

Description: I can't say that this is something I'd choose to watch repeatedly -- to me it is a sonic and (especially a) visual overload.  The Los Angeles-based Alitzah Wiener (aka Twinkle Time) and her band, plus fellow SoCal artist Mista Cookie Jar, throw everything into the video (and song).  But, man, in terms of an all-out kindie pop extravaganza -- EDM, hip-hop, pop all rolled into one -- it's on an entirely different level than most independently-produced kids music.  (Listen to and purchase the track here.)

Source: YouTube

"Up All Night" - Caspar Babypants

Artist: Caspar Babypants

Song: "Up All Night"

Album: Night Night!

Description: A somewhat abstract but definitely absorbing video, the latest off CB's excellent lullaby album.  Because it's a lullaby album, random lights and rotating owls work better for the song than any typical linear narrative structure...

Source: YouTube

"I Like You" - Earthworm Ensemble

Artist: Earthworm Ensemble

Song: "I Like You"

Album: Backyard Garden

Description: Aw, this is just a sweet video from the Los Angeles' band's forthcoming album.  Directed by Seth Naugle, the video features Earthworm Ensemble's Denny Moynahan and his two daughters on a day out in Los Angeles and it totally needs to be played at the next Daddy-Daughter dance.

Source: YouTube

"I Love You More" - Todd McHatton

Artist: Todd McHatton

Song: "I Love You More"

Album: Super Audio Sunshine

Description: Lo-fi animation and the sweetest, over-the-top argument over LOVE SUPREMACY you'll ever hear.  Perfect for Valentine's Day weekend, right?

Source: YouTube

"Out of Tune" - The Okee Dokee Brothers

Artist: The Okee Dokee Brothers

Song: "Out of Tune"

Album: Through the Woods

Description: I generally don't find "fan-sourced" videos of much interest -- it's like looking through random strangers' random Facebook or Instagram pages.  But using the concept for OKB's song about the importance of singing regardless of whether you think you have "talent" or not is kinda brilliant, actually.  Listening to kids play guitars, banjos, and whatever instrument they happen to have on hand and sometimes sing "Out of Tune" (sometimes in tune) fits perfectly.

Source: YouTube

"The Number Song" - Play Date

Artist: Play Date

Song: "The Number Song"

Album: Imagination

Description: Greg Attonito seems particularly hyper, even for a pop-punker, but I'm kinda thinking that there's speeding up of the video as he and Shanti Wintergate stroll the beach and count along.

Source: YouTube

"Peter the Pushy Puppy" - Jefrey Au Go Go

Artist: Jefrey Au Go Go

Song: "Peter the Pushy Puppy"

Album: Jefrey Au Go Go!

Description: This video, the first from the Australian musician's first kindie album, features him in a dog suit, playing an overzealous canine. He and his friend Paula throw themselves so wholeheartedly into their roles (ya gotta be committed if you're gonna wear shoe polish on the nose) that it's hard not to appreciate their work accompanying the gentle, moral lesson-song.

Source: YouTube

"Bottle Caps" - The Laurie Berkner Band

Artist: Laurie Berkner

Song: "Bottle Caps"

Album: The Ultimate Laurie Berkner Band Collection

Description: With the release of a new greatest hits collection (think of it as Volume 2), Berkner is releasing a series of simple but well-done videos (here's "Drive My Car") featuring Berkner singing directly to her audience along with some other visual distractions -- in this case, the occasional cutaway to some vintage bottlecaps (or rocks in a box, or strings in some things... if you're familiar with the song, you get the point).  Nothing wildly creative, but very engaging for preschoolers.  I'd also note that these just look very competently produced -- if they eventually end on a DVD (or available via download), that would not surprise me one bit.

Source: YouTube