"We All Shine" - Play Date

Artist: Play Date

Song: "We All Shine"

AlbumWe All Shine

Description: The title track from Play Date's second album sits firmly in the poppier end of the pop-punk spectrum the New Jersey-based duo, so it's not surprising that this song celebrating nature and our part in it features dancing cacti, pine trees, and sunflowers.  But, man, are those anthropomorphic animals and geographic features -- my favorite are the chorus of mountains -- from director Ellliot Lobell cute cute cute.

Source: YouTube

"I Chew" - Hullabaloo

Artist: Hullabaloo

Song: "I Chew"

Album: I Chew

Description: Steve Denyes has a new album out later this month. The album grew out of Denyes’ challenge to himself last February to write and record a song a day for 3 weeks.  He took the best songs, recorded them in the studio with band partner Brendan Kremer and a third artist, and a year later now he’s releasing a video a day.  OK, not really.  The title track is simple, but there’s enough humor in seeing the stuffed panda bear in different situations to amuse the preschoolers that are the heart of Hullabaloo’s audience.


"Sam Who Only Ate Jam (A Cautionary Tale)" - Andy Mason

Artist: Andy Mason

Song: "Sam Who Only Ate Jam (A Cautionary Tale)"

Album: N/A

Description: The New Mexico-based Mason teams up with the unofficial poet laureate of kindie, Kenn Nesbitt (there's no poet -- including probably Dr. Seuss -- who's had more of his poetry turned into music) for this ode to a particularly narrow-minded kid.  The song and video are pretty simple, but the song's got a nice ending.  Worth a couple minutes of your time, particularly if you have someone with an affinity for Shel Silverstein-like lyrics.

Source: YouTube

"Roller Coaster" - Bari Koral

Artist: Bari Koral

Song: "Roller Coaster"

AlbumThe Apple Tree & The Honey Bee

Description: There is very little to this video -- scenes of simply-drawn roller coaster cars going up and down a surprisingly unthemed roller coaster.  (Aren't all coasters themed these days?)  But they're drawn by Joel Henriques, so they have a certain charm to them.  The video itself is actually part of a big Yogapalooza Live concert featuring Koral in New York City on November 21, so if there's a certain physical activity feeling to the song (and video), I think you know why.

Source: YouTube

"Gingerbread Man" - Campfire Crew

Artist: Campfire Crew

Song: "Gingerbread Man"

Album: N/A (sort of)

Description: One of the latest videos from Andrew Queen's new "Tune Tales" project, which converts fairy tales into song form and, with the assistance of animator Judy Anderson, visually tells those stories using paintings on wood.  The story of the fast-running would-be dessert is familiar, but the song and animation make it a worthwhile retelling.

Source: YouTube

"Turkey in the Straw" - Andy Z

Artist: Andy Z

Song: "Turkey in the Straw"

AlbumClassic Songs and Traditional Tunes

Description: Much like the album the song comes from, there's nothing particularly novel about this video, but that's OK.  Genial musicians, farm animals, and the occasional costume are all that's necessary to make this worthwhile if you need a video for this (very) traditional song.

Source: YouTube

"Ballphabet" - Andrew & Polly

Artist: Andrew and Polly

Album: N/A

Description: This quick video surprisingly sn't from A&P's new album Odds and Ends, which is released this Friday.  Instead, it's a quick video for a quick song from their excellent Ear Snacks podcast.  All sorts of balls, including a few you'd never guess.  (John Baldessari?)

Source: YouTube