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    "Don't Make Fun of the Goobler" - Elska

    Artist: Elska

    Song: "Don't Make Fun of the Goobler"

    Album: Middle of Nowhere

    Description: Another in Elska's series of Iceland-filmed videos, this one featuring her "own green home slice," the Goobler.  "My own green home slice," by the way, is my favorite kids music phrase of the year.

    Source: YouTube


    "I've Got Problems" - Kernel Klump

    Artist: Kernel Klump

    Song: "I've Got Problems"

    Album: N/A

    Description: If you were looking a robot to rap about his problems, stop right here.  He says it, and it's true, I know nothing about his problems.  (I'm sorry, the tiny little arms make me smile every time.)

    Source: Vimeo


    "Lucas!" - Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips

    Artist: Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips

    Song: "Lucas!"

    Album: Ultramagnetic Universal Love Revolution

    Description: Busy, busy, information overload, but it's nicely put together and, more importantly, is there any doubt that Mista Cookie Jar thinks Lucas is awesome?  No, no, there is not.

    Source: YouTube


    "The Crust Lady" - The Ukulady

    Artist: The Ukulady

    Song: "The Crust Lady"

    Album: To the Downfall of Evil!

    Description: Loopy.  Askew.  Slightly off.  So, of course, about 20% (30%? this isn't exactly precise) of you families will think this is awesome.  Are you one of the 20% (or 30%)?  The only way you'll know is to watch (give it at least a minute).  The animation is courtesy Will Guy from Goopymart.

    Source: YouTube


    "Sleep Eye" - Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower

    Artist: Elizabeth Mitchell and You Are My Flower

    Song: "Sleep Eye"

    Album: Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woody Guthrie

    Description: As I said in the main blog the other day, this is one gorgeously-filmed video.  As one would expect from the title, don't watch this one expecting to be rarin' to go.  Definitely one for the down times.

    Source: Vimeo