"Girls Wanna Dance" - Milkshake

Artist: Milkshake

Song: "Girls Wanna Dance"

Album: Got a Minute?

Description: Ah, the awkwardness of the junior high dance -- that's the subject of Milkshake's song, and their video for the song, the first from their latest album, goes back in time to when DINOSAURS ROAMED THE EARTH.  No, wait, that's not right.  It's when live bands played junior high gigs.  Which was before my time, at least.

Source: YouTube

"Grand March from Aida" - Dog on Fleas

Artist: Dog on Fleas

Song: "Grand March from Aida"

Album: Buy One Get One Flea

Description: Further proof that simple ideas, even low-budget ones, well-executed can be delightful.  The "Backyard Dorkestra" rendition of Verdi's famous "Grand March" from his opera Aida is a silly goof, so why not have a parade of assorted stuffed animals -- including a certain kindie favorite -- represent it?  The kids'll be amused -- so was I.

Source: YouTube

"Domingo the Flamingo" - Laura Doherty

Artist: Laura Doherty

Song: "Domingo the Flamingo"

Album: In a Heartbeat

Description: A gentle animated video from Dennis Mazur for Doherty's gentle song about a flamingo who, like Doctor Worm, most enjoys drumming.  I often look for the little touches that I like to think were thrown in because they made the creator(s) laugh, and in the case of this video, it's the sight of the flamingo zipping through his weekly schedule on his smartphone.

Source: YouTube

"Yellow Banana" - NikosKids

Artist: NikosKids (aka Nikolai Moderbacher)

Song: "Yellow Banana"

AlbumIn This Moment

Description: I suppose I could complain about the color/fruit choices -- I, myself, am a D'Anjou pear man myself, and therefore can't countenance the implied Bosc (brown) pear in the lyrics -- but this is a fun video.  Think of it as a much more kid-friendly version of Kafka's The Metamorphosis.

Source: YouTube


"Fanny Pack" - Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Artist: Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Song: "Fanny Pack"

Album: Whoopty Whoop

Description: If you had told me that I would be posting a video that includes the use of Comic Sans, I would not have believed you.  But this lyric video for the first single from the Twin Cities' band forthcoming May 2014 album is so gloriously goofy (think of the song source), that I could not hold my churlish standards for long.

Source: YouTube

"If I Had a Mariachi" - Andrés Salguero

Artist: Andrés Salguero

Song: "If I Had a Mariachi"

Album: ¡Uno, Dos, Tres con Andrés!

Description: The Colombian native Salguero takes to Mexico City for a simple video for his cumulative song about the instruments in a mariachi band.  Those violins at the end look a little small, however...

Source: YouTube

"I Wanna Play" - Bill Harley

Artist: Bill Harley

Song: "I Wanna Play"

Album: I Wanna Play

Description: Harley's song encouraging inclusion and standing up for one's own self is buoyed by a nifty bluegrass tune, so of course the video would be a bunch of animated mythological characters, right?  OK, perhaps it's not the very first theme that leaps to mind, but the finished product from director Greg Lytle is every bit as nifty as the song.  Also, head over to Harley's contest page for a chance to win a copy of the album the song is drawn from.

Source: YouTube

"Feelin' Fine" - Alex Mitnick

Artist: Alex Mitnick

Song: "Feelin' Fine"

Album: Love Songs for My Baby

Description: If there was ever a sun-dappled kindie video, this is it.  And if there was ever a weekend during which the East Coast could use a sun-dappled kindie video, this is it.  (Bonus: head here if you'd like to download a free copy of this song from Mitnick's upcoming solo album.)

Source: Vimeo