"Bear Song" - Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke

Artist: Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke

Song: "Bear Song"

Album: N/A

Description: I generally prefer KWMC's rave-up songs (as does Little Boy Blue), but this loping country song about 8 different types of bears has its charms.  According to the YouTube video, "a portion of the proceeds benefit the wild patients at Woodlands Wildlife Refuge, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility dedicated to the care and release of orphaned and injured wildlife."  But you can just enjoy the song and Wilde's illustrations if you'd like.

Source: YouTube

"Triangular Triangles" - The Bazillions

Artist: The Bazillions

Song: "Triangular Triangles"

Album: Heads or Tales

Description: Another video from the band's Kickstarter project via eg design.  Songs about math are probably harder, generally speaking, to visualize than those about words (let alone stories), so while the base song works well, the video itself pretty much does a perfect job in describing those three types of triangles.

Source: Vimeo

"Snow Globe (Live)" - Molly Ledford (Lunch Money)

Artist: Molly Ledford (Lunch Money)

Album: Original Friend (originally, anyway)

Description: As temperatures reach 100 degrees or more here, I'm more than happy to listen to this snow-inspired song and watch Ledford sing this in front of a wintry background.  I'm feeling a little cooler (and warmer) just watching.

Source: YouTube

"Go Fire Truck, Go" - Suzi Shelton

Artist: Suzi Shelton

Song: "Go, Fire Truck, Go"

Album: Smile in My Heart

Description: I can't say that this video is terribly complicated.  Even the song itself -- from Shelton's forthcoming album -- is comparatively simple, structurally -- but considering that the songwriter, Henry Rivetti, was FOUR YEARS OLD when he wrote the original song, that's kind of expected.  Right in your 4-year-old's wheelhouse.

Source: YouTube

"Girls Wanna Dance" - Milkshake

Artist: Milkshake

Song: "Girls Wanna Dance"

Album: Got a Minute?

Description: Ah, the awkwardness of the junior high dance -- that's the subject of Milkshake's song, and their video for the song, the first from their latest album, goes back in time to when DINOSAURS ROAMED THE EARTH.  No, wait, that's not right.  It's when live bands played junior high gigs.  Which was before my time, at least.

Source: YouTube

"Grand March from Aida" - Dog on Fleas

Artist: Dog on Fleas

Song: "Grand March from Aida"

Album: Buy One Get One Flea

Description: Further proof that simple ideas, even low-budget ones, well-executed can be delightful.  The "Backyard Dorkestra" rendition of Verdi's famous "Grand March" from his opera Aida is a silly goof, so why not have a parade of assorted stuffed animals -- including a certain kindie favorite -- represent it?  The kids'll be amused -- so was I.

Source: YouTube