"Robot Love Song" - Lyndy Butler

Artist: Lyndy Butler

Song: "Robot Love Song"

Album: Going Places

Description: A doo-wop song from some alternate Hairspray universe, with art for the video done by Parker Jacobs of Yo Gabba Gabba fame.  The idea of a love song for kiddos from the Utah-based Butler is a little odd, but the surreal nature (and IT-related puns) might amuse the Minecraft-obsessed.

Source: YouTube

"There's a Monster in My House" - Eric Herman

Artist: Eric Herman

Song: "There's a Monster in My House"

Album: The Kid in the Mirror

Description: For his latest video, Eric Herman turns to his 2003 album The Kid in the Mirror.  "There's a Monster in My House" is a perfect Halloween-time video for the youngest ones in your family -- not Halloween-themed, but the tension regarding the monster is just right for your preschooler.

Source: YouTube

"Shake Your Pirate Booty" - The Boo Hoo Crew

Artist: The Boo Hoo Crew

Song: "Shake Your Pirate Booty"

AlbumShake Your Pirate Booty

Description: Southern California's BHC aren't completely a pirate band, but they've got enough pirate-themed songs that they compiled them onto a single disk, and the title track has an animated video.  With International Talk Like a Pirate Day barely a month away, think of this as an amuse bouche to whet your appetite.

Not that pirates  ever eat amuse bouches.

Source: YouTube

"My My My" - Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

Artist: Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips

Album: 3's a Charm

Description: Is this basically a version of those photograph clip videos you seen at weddings, graduation parties, and class reunions? Yes. I don't typically like them, so don't typically post them. But this one a) is very well-done, b) features kids are familiar to most of us who've seen MCJ in the kindie world over the years, and -- most importantly -- c) is a perfect fit for the slightly wistful singalong about growing up.  I quite like it -- it's a great intro to the new EP from the band.

Source: YouTube

"Bear Song" - Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke

Artist: Key Wilde and Mr. Clarke

Song: "Bear Song"

Album: N/A

Description: I generally prefer KWMC's rave-up songs (as does Little Boy Blue), but this loping country song about 8 different types of bears has its charms.  The song was written in collaboration with the Woodlands Wildlife Refuge, a non-profit wildlife rehabilitation facility dedicated to the care and release of orphaned and injured wildlife.

Source: YouTube

"Triangular Triangles" - The Bazillions

Artist: The Bazillions

Song: "Triangular Triangles"

Album: Heads or Tales

Description: Another video from the band's Kickstarter project via eg design.  Songs about math are probably harder, generally speaking, to visualize than those about words (let alone stories), so while the base song works well, the video itself pretty much does a perfect job in describing those three types of triangles.

Source: Vimeo