Weekly Summary (7/15/13 - 7/28/13)

Some vacation and some other deadlines mean that this weekly summary is actually a dual-week summary.

Blog:   Kindiefest: Not an Elegy, Radio Playlist: New Music July 2013, Video: "Tell Me It All" - Frances England, Listen To This: Justin Roberts "Recess" Sampler

Videos:  "Ice Cream Sunday" - Groovy David, "Why Is the Sky Blue?" - Nick Cope

Listen to Music:  None

Free Music:  None

Kids Music Reviews:  None

Upcoming Releases: Constantly updating...


Kindie Week in Review:  Not-an-Episode 3: Sometimes I Just Take a Break, Y'Know?

My Other Other Gig:  None

Bake Sale:  Episode 6: Noah and Nanda Wilson (AKA Mr. & Mrs. Muffins), The Misty Cowboy and LP, Jon Samson, A New Kids Album