Jon Samson: A New Kids Album

Project TitleA New Kids Album

CreatorJon Samson

Description:  Jon Samson has created a couple albums of kids music that sounds slightly different from a lot of kids music.  It has a bit of an improvisational feel to it, most likely inspired by his music therapy work.  He's now trying to raise $10,000 to finish his third album, and it looks like he'll probably make it by the time his brief Kickstarter campaign ends a week from now.

I chatted briefly with Samson via e-mail last about the project. 


Bake Sale: What do you like the most about making music for kids and families?

Jon Samson: Unconditional love! Children and families are not looking to judge or compare. They just want to feel good and are a very appreciative audience. There's a certain pressure that comes with being in the music industry that seems to be less prominent in the kids music genre, and for the better I'd say. But most importantly, children's faces don't lie. When I'm singing and they light up, I know I have done my job well, and it's an exquisite feeling!

How are you inspired by the kids you work with in your music therapy work?

Something I think many of us grown ups lack, or more precisely, lose touch with, is an innate ability to express and create without worrying about what others will think. Kids age 1-5 are absolute role models for this. Even before they speak, they vocalize freely and openly. Their breathing is more connected too. 

Children in general are endlessly inspiring to me. They have a natural ability to see the world with a fresh perspective- they see the beauty in things and are enchanted with what many of us adults take for granted. The children I work with are as much my teachers as I am theirs. When I hold the space for them to sing and play, and I see how excited and open they get, it gives the courage to do the same. I am very grateful for my "job" :).

Dollar level aside, what reward do you most hope somebody pledges for so you can fulfill that?

I love sharing my music, so the more people request shows/performances/ lectures, the more I get to meet new faces and share my passion. Because of my full time music therapy practice, I don't actively promote my music as much as I'd like. So one of the many perks of Kickstarter has been to make what I do accessible to a wider audience. I'd also like to add, I'm honestly delighted when someone donates a dollar- even through it's "just a buck" they are letting me know that they feel the music and care about the work.