Episode 6: Noah and Nanda Wilson (AKA Mr. & Mrs. Muffins), The Misty Cowboy Album and LP


The team of Mr. & Mrs. Muffins are known as Noah and Nanda Wilson in the real world, but the art they produce seems very much not of this world.  Their music and accompanying art (or is art with accompanying music) has more than a touch of the dreamlike.  It's not kids music, but it's certainly tapping an inner child and very kid-friendly.  They join me for a chat about the long time it took to make this, their new album, and the inspiration behind the art and music.


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Mr. and Mrs. Muffins 

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins on Bandcamp 

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins' The Misty Cowboy Kickstarter project