Radio Playlist: New Music July 2013

Deep into the summer, it's time to post another Spotify update for new music (see the June playlist here).  As always, it's limited in that if an artist hasn't chosen to post a song on Spotify, I can't put it on the list, nor can I feature songs from as-yet-unreleased albums.  But I'm always keeping stuff in reserve for the next Spotify playlist.

You'll notice that it's a little bit shorter than prior lists.  There's a story, actually, about how a few kindie artists are choosing to not  include their music on Spotify.  But that's a story for another time.

Check out the list here or go right here if you're in Spotify.

**** New Music July 2013 (July 2013 Kindie Playlist) ****

The Verve Pipe – Scavenger Hunt
Princess Katie & Racer Steve – Come On Out!
Groove Kid Nation – Kalimba
The Que Pastas – Sunglasses
Karen K and the Jitterbugs – (I Woke Up in A) Fire Truck
Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights – Are We There Yet?
JumpinJazz Kids – Hubert Hummingbird
Juvenile By Decree – The Muskrat and Alien