Weekly Summary (3/4/13-3/10/13)

Ever since I changed up my website to feature different areas (the main blog, videos, free music, etc.), the main blog -- the part that most visitors see when they come across the website -- looks more bare than it used to.  And I'm not broadcasting everything on social media, either.  So I'm going to try to post a weekly summary of everything I've posted across the entire website, just so you can see it all at once.

Blog:   Video: "Inspiration" - Cat Doorman / Spring Kids Music Kickstarter Projects / Kindiefest: All Things Kindie (and Pizza) /  Video: "The Shadow Dance" - Tito & CharityInterview: Jack Forman

Videos: "Rock Melon" - Gustafer Yellowgold

Listen to Music: "Brilliance" - Underbirds (Todd McHatton & Morgan Taylor) / In Tents - Recess Monkey / Flying! - Recess Monkey / The Final Funktier - Recess Monkey

Free Music: Frances England Songbook / Mixtape EP - Recess Monkey

Upcoming Releases: Yes, updated this week with a bunch of new stuff!

Podcasts: Kindie Week in Review #6: Kindie By Another Name Would Smell as Sweet