Video: "The Shadow Dance" - Tito & Charity

Yay for kindie duets.  "The Shadow Dance" started out long ago as a duet of sorts between The Hipwaders' Tito Uquillas and Readeez' Michael Rachap.  Well, as Tito explains, that ended up not quite working out.  Never fear, "The Shadow Dance" ended up featuring a duet with him and Charity Kahn from Charity and the JAMband, with a video in the spirit of Readeez.  Win-win, me thinks.  The single and video was released just after Groundhog Day and just before Valentine's Day (for somewhat obvious reasons), but even as days get longer and shadows get shorter, it's still apropos.  Watch the video below and grab the mp3 afterwards (or purchase it here).

Tito & Charity - "The Shadow Dance" [Vimeo]