Spring Kid-Starter, er, Kindie Kickstarter Update

It's been a little while since we've had some kindie artists launch Kickstarter campaigns, but we've got a couple campaigns going on, heading toward the homestretch and seeking your help in pushing their own albums over the finish line.

[Edit: If you're looking for information on kid-friendly Kickstarter projects, I now have a whole podcast dedicated to that.  Check out Bake Sale.] 

The first is from New York's Joanie Leeds, who's trying to raise $15,000 for the full gamut of costs to record her fifth album for kids, Bandwagon .  (Apropos album title, I suppose, given the financing mechanism.)  As of this writing, Leeds has raised more than $10,000, nearly 68% of her goal.  She's got a week to go (the Kickstarter ends March 12).  There's a bunch of crazy (and crazy-expensive) backer levels, but $12 gets you a digital pre-order of the album, which'll be produced by Dean Jones.


The other project is from Seattle's Brian Vogan, who's seeking $5,000 to mix, master, print, and release his fourth album for families, Let's Go .  The rewards here are less elaborate, but $15 gets you a physical pre-order of the album.  As of today, Vogan has raised more than $2,300, just shy of half of his $5,000 goal.  He's got about 10 days to go (his Kickstarter ends on March 15.

In any case, you may now proceed to crowd-source your kindie.