Kindie Week in Review Podcast

Hey!  Did you know I have a podcast?

You probably didn't, because I didn't promote it, due in no small part to the fact that I couldn't get the thing into the podcast directory in the iTunes Store.  But that problem is now solved, and since I've got six podcasts under my belt and a seventh set for release later this week, I think it's time to make sure you all know:

I have a podcast!

It's called Kindie Week in Review, and it's a quick rundown of the week's kindie chart news and other kindie news of note.  That's right, now you can hear me talk about Kidz Bop and kindie-friendly SXSW showcases in the same podcast, and all in about ten minutes (less if you like listening to your podcasts at faster than normal speed, as I do).

You can download and subscribe to it in iTunes here or just plug this link into your podcast app of choice:  And any reviews and ratings of the podcast in the iTunes store -- even poor ones -- would be greatly appreciated, as would comments directly to me.

Hope you enjoy it.