Video: "Steve the Superhero" - Eric Herman

Since "Steve the Superhero" was originally co-written by the poet Kenn Nesbitt, the Eric Herman song was already fairly visual, but the new video for the song will definitely elicit a few guffaws from the kids (and slightly immature adults). The video is from Herman's forthcoming The Elephant DVD. Love the Batman reference. Eric Herman - "Steve the Superhero" [YouTube]

Yet Another Kids Music Video Competition

Don't worry, folks, I'm done with kids music video competitions for the next 11 months at least. But Eric Herman needs your help if you can handle voting for more videos. Aniboom is running its annual Sesame Street contest in which the winning entries will be aired on future episodes of the show. Eric's entered his classic video (and song) "The Elephant Song" into the competition. Right now it stands at fourth place, but every little vote helps. You can vote once a day (after registering) through April 26. And while I've previously liked "Pet Dinosaur" and dig this video for "Lonely Eleven", I think we can all agree that Eric's video deserves to be seen by millions of kids on TV. At well over 11 million YouTube views, it's probably already been seen by at least a million kids on the computer, but why stop there? Eric Herman - "The Elephant Song" [Aniboom]

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KidVid Tournament 2010: Caspar Babypants vs. Eric Herman

The other Day Two KidVid Tournament 2010 matchup in the Pete Seeger Region features Caspar Babypants' "Itsy Bitsy Spider" from his More Please! album going up against "Ants in your Pants #99" from Eric Herman's What A Ride! album. It's a very Washington bug-oriented matchup.

Video: "Ants in Your Pants #99" - Eric Herman

I've always liked Eric Herman's animated music videos. They've gradually increased in quality from the viral hit "The Elephant Song" (6.5 million views and counting), but they've always retained a sly sense of humor. Now, you can see what an animated Herman would look like with a bear in his hair in his video for his dance-along song "Ants in Your Pants #99" off his latest album What A Ride!. (It's funny, 'cuz it's true.) And for those of you interested in such a thing, Herman's hosting a contest involving the posting of dance videos -- details are at the YouTube video page. Eric Herman - "Ants in Your Pants #99"

New Eric Herman On Its Way...

WhatARide.jpgNews from Eric Herman that he's wrapping up work on his next album of all-new material, titled What A Ride!. Eric is a longtime friend of Zooglobble, and it sounds like he's put the time he spent writing Cool Tunes For Kids as the new album will feature...
"Tito from the Hipwaders, Mr. Billy, Chris Wiser from Sugar Free Allstars, Robbi K, Eric Ode, Glenn Colton and David Tobocman... [as well as] Gwendolyn Sanford from the amazing Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang."
It's not quite like Santana's Supernatural (and he forgot to mention James Dague from ScribbleMonster), but it's a pretty good collection of folks nonetheless. His newsletter (sign up at the website) featured a clip of "Come Play," on which Herman and Gwendolyn's voices blend really well together. (The other clip, for a tune, called "Heartbeat," was even better, believe it or not.) In any case, look for the album June 9...

KidVid Tournament 2009: Gustafer Yellowgold vs. Eric Herman

Our final first-round matchup of the week is in the Woody Guthrie Region for KidVid Tournament 2009It's a matchup of #2 vs. #3: Gustafer Yellowgold's "Getting in a Treetop" from the new DVD/CD set Gustafer Yellowgold's Mellow Fever going up against Eric Herman's video for "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon" off his Snail's Pace collection. Comments welcome below, but the videos and the all-important official poll are after the jump. All votes due by midnight tonight (Thursday) East Coast time. One vote per person, please. And, yeah, play nice.