Video (and More!): "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon" - Eric Herman

Another video from Washington's Eric Herman, this one for his "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon" (available on his mellow Snail's Pace compilation). The song, based on a Kenn Nesbitt poem, is not my favorite tune of Herman's by any stretch, but I think the video really adds a lot. The illustrations from Lauren Wilson have an ever-so-slight Gustafer Yellowgold quality to them, though I'll admit to missing Eric's wife Roseann's animations. Eric Herman - "The Tale of the Sun and the Moon" Oh, and all of you who had Sugar Free Allstars, ScribbleMonster, and Eric Herman in the "Name The Next Kids' Music Collaboration" pool, congratulations...

Seven Sleepy CDs: A Whole Bunch of Lullaby Reviews

I get lots of CDs, of course, and just like sometimes you'll see a whole of TV shows suddenly appear with the same theme, earlier this year I got a raft of lullaby/sleeptime CDs. I've collected some of the more interesting ones from that rush, plus a few slightly older ones that got overlooked the first time around. That's right, folks, seven CDs. At least one of them's gonna put you (or your kid) to sleep but in, like, a good way. The list starts after the jump.

Another Kids' Concert I Can't Go To

Attention Phoenix-area peeps: Eric Herman continues his worldwide tour (OK, perhaps not worldwide, but it's been going on for more than a month, so that's impressive enough). This Saturday Herman will be playing at Sunset Library in Chandler (location), starting at 11 AM. Herman's been honing his show for a long time now (more than just a month), and it should be lots of fun. We'd try to go, but we have two kids with two separate parties to go to at the same time. You do the math.

(The Invisible) Band on the Run

How many of you have ever wanted to be a kids' musician? (OK, I'm excluding those of you who actually are kids' musicians.) How many of you ever wanted to go a road trip and see your family's favorite kids' musicians in concert? How many of you ever wanted to blog about it? Well, if you're Eric Herman, you've answered "yes" to all three questions above. I should have noted this for you sooner, but for nearly a month, Herman's been documenting his travels down the West Coast in his Myspace blog. Herman writes of his days playing at schools, festivals, and libraries, and that's interesting from a "life as a musician" perspective. But he's also got his wife and two kids in tow with in his "What a Ride!" RV (conveniently named for his next album), and so, yeah, it's a blog about travelling with a wife and two small kids. (An RV in San Francisco is apparently not the easiest of vehicles to maneuver in that hilly city -- who knew?) And, as you might expect from the writer of Cool Tunes For Kids, Herman spends a lot of time running into other kids' artists. Justin Roberts, Gunnar Madsen, David Tobocman, Tito from the Hipwaders, Frances England -- and probably more I've forgotten -- all make appearances in print and photo in Herman's blog. Anyway, a fun read.

KidVid Tournament 2008: Orange Sherbet vs. Eric Herman

Leading off the KidVid Tournament 2008 is a matchup from the Woody Guthrie Region -- the #2 seed "Campfire Song" from Orange Sherbet with help from Hot Buttered Rum (off their Campfire Sing-Along CD versus the #3 seed "My Lucky Day" from Eric Herman (off Snow Day!). Vote in the comments below. One per family, please. Votes due by 9 PM West Coast time. "Campfire Song" - Orange Sherbet with Hot Buttered Rum Watch here (broadband link here) "My Lucky Day" - Eric Herman