Yet Another Kids Music Video Competition

Don't worry, folks, I'm done with kids music video competitions for the next 11 months at least. But Eric Herman needs your help if you can handle voting for more videos. Aniboom is running its annual Sesame Street contest in which the winning entries will be aired on future episodes of the show.

Eric's entered his classic video (and song) "The Elephant Song" into the competition. Right now it stands at fourth place, but every little vote helps. You can vote once a day (after registering) through April 26. And while I've previously liked "Pet Dinosaur" and dig this video for "Lonely Eleven", I think we can all agree that Eric's video deserves to be seen by millions of kids on TV. At well over 11 million YouTube views, it's probably already been seen by at least a million kids on the computer, but why stop there?

Eric Herman - "The Elephant Song" [Aniboom]

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