New Eric Herman On Its Way...

WhatARide.jpgNews from Eric Herman that he's wrapping up work on his next album of all-new material, titled What A Ride!. Eric is a longtime friend of Zooglobble, and it sounds like he's put the time he spent writing Cool Tunes For Kids as the new album will feature...

"Tito from the Hipwaders, Mr. Billy, Chris Wiser from Sugar Free Allstars, Robbi K, Eric Ode, Glenn Colton and David Tobocman... [as well as] Gwendolyn Sanford from the amazing Gwendolyn and the Good Time Gang."
It's not quite like Santana's Supernatural (and he forgot to mention James Dague from ScribbleMonster), but it's a pretty good collection of folks nonetheless. His newsletter (sign up at the website) featured a clip of "Come Play," on which Herman and Gwendolyn's voices blend really well together. (The other clip, for a tune, called "Heartbeat," was even better, believe it or not.) In any case, look for the album June 9...

1. Come Play
2. Heartbeat (The Stethoscope Song)
3. Time Machine
4. Stink Bug
5. Ants in Your Pants #99
6. How To Move a Monster
7. Building a Rocket
8. Carseat Snack
9. What a Ride
10. How Big
11. Extraordinary