Episode 25: The Great LOLcat / Kindie War Is Upon Us

Back again with all the news regarding the pitched battle between LOLcats and kindie superstars.  This week's winner: Frances England, of whom I can guess which side she'd be on in the great LOLcat/kindie war.

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Sesame Street season 44 starts September 16

Upcoming Releases: This week - Frances EnglandBlink of an Eye, Various Artists (Bossy Frog Productions):  15 Songs Every Kid Should Know (and will LOVE!) ; Next week - The Muppet Movie soundtrack; Coming in October - Elizabeth MitchellThe Sounding Joy


Dueling You Are My Sunshine.jpg

Billboard Children's Music albums (August 17) 

Amazon Children's Music digital albums 

iTunes Children's Music album chart 

Amazon Children's Music physical album chart 

CD Baby Kids Music album chart  (includes I Like Everything About You (Yes I Do!)  from Crosspulse Percussion Ensemble -- here is an interview with founder Keith Terry)

iTunes Children's Music singles 

Amazon Children's Music digital singles  (and, since I made a big deal out of it, the chart slots for the 2 versions of "You Are My Sunshine" are #17 and #18, not #16 and #17 as I said in the podcast)

Kids Place Live 13 Under 13 (that's the Aug. 2 chart, July 28 is here)