Episode 24: Elizabeth Mitchell, You've Been Replaced by a Cat

You're happy to hear my voice again, right?  This week's winner: LOLcats, unfortunately.  

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Kickstarters: Mr. and Mrs. Muffins Gatefold Vinyl Album (Bake Sale podcast)

Kids music festivals: Lollapalooza/Kidzapalooza (Aug. 2-4, Chicago), Rox in Sox (Aug. 3, Portland, OR), Wiggle Out Loud (Sept. 1, Oklahoma City) 

Upcoming Releases: This week - Sukey MolloySukey's Circle! Vol. 3: Mini Shows ; Next week - Frances EnglandBlink of an Eye, Various Artists (Bossy Frog Productions):  15 Songs Every Kid Should Know (and will LOVE!)

Children's Music Network annual conference (Oct. 12-14, Los Gatos, CA) 

Sprout launches nationwide search to find a new host for The Sunny Side Up Show


Billboard Children's Music albums (August 10) 

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iTunes Children's Music album chart 

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CD Baby Kids Music album chart 

iTunes Children's Music singles 

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Kids Place Live 13 Under 13 (no update for July 26)