"Superhero 2017 Remix (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)" - Tim Kubart

Artist: Tim Kubart

Song: "Superhero 2017 Remix (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)"

Album: N/A

Description: Tim Kubart took a shot at making a poppier, dancer version of breakout his Tim and the Space Cadets debut hit, "Superhero," and rolled out a slick new lyric video to go along it.  It's chopped up, tweaked, and amplified, and he gets help from his fellow Sprout host Carly Ciarrocchi (and animator Avi Jacob).  It's lots of fun but I gotta admit, though, I still like the crunchier version of the song (along with the more narratively-driven video).

Source: YouTube

"Cat Scratch Fever" - fleaBITE

Artist: fleaBITE

Song: "Cat Scratch Fever"

Album: In Your Ear

Description: No, not that "Cat Scratch Fever."  This one from New Zealand's best kids music band is odder, but also, in the end, far kinder.  Illustrated and animated with a slightly hypnotizing style by Philippa McDermott.

Source: YouTube

"We Are the Dinosaurs (Dance Remix)" - Laurie Berkner

Artist: Laurie Berkner

Song: "We Are the Dinosaurs (Dance Remix)"

Album: N/A

Description: You know, everything you really need to know about the song is right there in the title.  It's Berkner's modern classic of a song... remixed for the dance floor.  I kinda like it, though I was underwhelmed by the drop.  The preschoolers will probably rave, though.

Source: YouTube

"Dolphin Disco" - The Whizpops

Artist: The Whizpops

Song: "Dolphin Disco"

Album: Sea Blue Sea

Description: Another nifty collaboration between the Montana-based band and their Montana-based friends at SciShow Kids.  This song's a little more information-dense than some of their other (already information-dense) songs about the natural world, so the kinetic typography lyric video format works well.  Did you know there were so many types of dolphin?  I did not.

Source: YouTube

"Cast My Vote" - Danny Weinkauf

Artist: Danny Weinkauf

Song: "Cast My Vote"

Album: No School Today

Description: It's election season! A long, long election season! Here's Danny Weinkauf's celebration of the right to vote, along with the tiniest bit of history lesson of how we got to the broad electorate we have today.

Source: batteryPOP

"We All Shine" - Play Date

Artist: Play Date

Song: "We All Shine"

AlbumWe All Shine

Description: The title track from Play Date's second album sits firmly in the poppier end of the pop-punk spectrum the New Jersey-based duo, so it's not surprising that this song celebrating nature and our part in it features dancing cacti, pine trees, and sunflowers.  But, man, are those anthropomorphic animals and geographic features -- my favorite are the chorus of mountains -- from director Ellliot Lobell cute cute cute.

Source: YouTube

"Roller Coaster" - Bari Koral

Artist: Bari Koral

Song: "Roller Coaster"

AlbumThe Apple Tree & The Honey Bee

Description: There is very little to this video -- scenes of simply-drawn roller coaster cars going up and down a surprisingly unthemed roller coaster.  (Aren't all coasters themed these days?)  But they're drawn by Joel Henriques, so they have a certain charm to them.  The video itself is actually part of a big Yogapalooza Live concert featuring Koral in New York City on November 21, so if there's a certain physical activity feeling to the song (and video), I think you know why.

Source: YouTube

"Gingerbread Man" - Campfire Crew

Artist: Campfire Crew

Song: "Gingerbread Man"

Album: N/A (sort of)

Description: One of the latest videos from Andrew Queen's new "Tune Tales" project, which converts fairy tales into song form and, with the assistance of animator Judy Anderson, visually tells those stories using paintings on wood.  The story of the fast-running would-be dessert is familiar, but the song and animation make it a worthwhile retelling.

Source: YouTube