"We All Shine" - Play Date

Artist: Play Date

Song: "We All Shine"

AlbumWe All Shine

Description: The title track from Play Date's second album sits firmly in the poppier end of the pop-punk spectrum the New Jersey-based duo, so it's not surprising that this song celebrating nature and our part in it features dancing cacti, pine trees, and sunflowers.  But, man, are those anthropomorphic animals and geographic features -- my favorite are the chorus of mountains -- from director Ellliot Lobell cute cute cute.

Source: YouTube

"Gotta Get Up" - Sugar Free Allstars

Artist: Sugar Free Allstars

Song: "Gotta Get Up"

Album: All on a Sunday Afternoon

Description: Toy Story meets Claymation meets a groovy wake-up song.  Also features Jack Forman from Recess Monkey and Shawana Kemp from Shine and the Moonbeams (no mini-Jack or mini-Shawana in the video, sadly).

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