"Superhero 2017 Remix (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)" - Tim Kubart

Artist: Tim Kubart

Song: "Superhero 2017 Remix (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi)"

Album: N/A

Description: Tim Kubart took a shot at making a poppier, dancer version of breakout his Tim and the Space Cadets debut hit, "Superhero," and rolled out a slick new lyric video to go along it.  It's chopped up, tweaked, and amplified, and he gets help from his fellow Sprout host Carly Ciarrocchi (and animator Avi Jacob).  It's lots of fun but I gotta admit, though, I still like the crunchier version of the song (along with the more narratively-driven video).

Source: YouTube

"Dolphin Disco" - The Whizpops

Artist: The Whizpops

Song: "Dolphin Disco"

Album: Sea Blue Sea

Description: Another nifty collaboration between the Montana-based band and their Montana-based friends at SciShow Kids.  This song's a little more information-dense than some of their other (already information-dense) songs about the natural world, so the kinetic typography lyric video format works well.  Did you know there were so many types of dolphin?  I did not.

Source: YouTube

"Ballphabet" - Andrew & Polly

Artist: Andrew and Polly

Album: N/A

Description: This quick video surprisingly sn't from A&P's new album Odds and Ends, which is released this Friday.  Instead, it's a quick video for a quick song from their excellent Ear Snacks podcast.  All sorts of balls, including a few you'd never guess.  (John Baldessari?)

Source: YouTube

"Robot Love Song" - Lyndy Butler

Artist: Lyndy Butler

Song: "Robot Love Song"

Album: Going Places

Description: A doo-wop song from some alternate Hairspray universe, with art for the video done by Parker Jacobs of Yo Gabba Gabba fame.  The idea of a love song for kiddos from the Utah-based Butler is a little odd, but the surreal nature (and IT-related puns) might amuse the Minecraft-obsessed.

Source: YouTube