"Night Owl" - Uncle Dox

Artist: Uncle Dox

Song: "Night Owl"

Album: N/A

Description: I'm a sucker for good jangle-pop song, and the paper-cutout stop-motion video from the Minnesota-based artist that goes along with this celebration of those kids who just don't like their 8 PM bedtime is very cute.

Source: YouTube

"Make a Circle" - Jennifer Paskow

Artist: Jennifer Paskow

Song: "Make a Circle"

Album: Make a Circle

Description: Sunny, smiling kids and adults to go with a sunny, smile-y song.  Lots of movements to be made along with the music, too.  The video is directed by 17-year-old Claire Jantzen, whose skill in putting together this video at such a young age bodes well for her future success in not only film and directing but probably anything else she puts her mind to.