Video: "Breakfast Club" - Tim Kubart (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi) (World Premiere!)

There are many things Tim Kubart is good at, but right near the top of that list is his ability around a kids music video.  From "Superhero" to "2nd Grade Show", Kubart's videos are engaging and produced with panache.

He's got a brand-new album out this week, the filled-with-hits Home, and one of those hits gets the honor of lead single and video.  The song "Breakfast Club" features an earworm of a melody, handclaps, and a slick guest rap from Kubart's Sprout co-star Carly Ciarrocchi -- it's a winner of a track all by itself.

But the video itself is no slouch, either.  It's not plot-based like those two videos mentioned above, but what it lacks in visual narrative drive, it gains in natural good humor.  As has been the case in his other videos -- and generously, given his visibility on TV -- Kubart plays a supporting role in the video.  The stars are the friends that sing around the breakfast table, and in this case, Kubart notes they're literally his friends and friends of friends.  He was the preschool teacher of some of the kids (though not of actor Kal Penn, who appears in the video with his nephew and family).  As a viewer, it's nice to see the range of kids and families who appear -- some who feel like they're ready for their closeup, and others who just seem bemused by the idea of filming.  (Also: can you spot the cameo appearances by stars of Kubart's previous videos?)

Kubart's got a few gigs lined up in October to celebrate the album's release -- several shows in and around Austin during the Austin City Limits Festival, plus Boston, Philadelphia, NYC, even Dayton, Ohio -- for more details, go here.

But, if you can't see him play live, his videos are always worth your family's time.  I'm pleased as punch to present the world premiere to "Breakfast Club."

Tim Kubart (feat. Carly Ciarrocchi) - "Breakfast Club" [YouTube]