Video: "Froggie Went a Courtin'" - Laurie Berkner

Many moon moon moons ago, Laurie Berkner was on a TV show (Jack's Big Music Show) that aired music videos featuring her (and other artists).  Now, Berkner's been devoting her energy to making videos for airing on YouTube, and while the audience might be a little smaller, in the long run, I'm guessing more folks have watched (or at least will watch) her videos there than on cable.

With the impending release of her new album Laurie Berkner's Favorite Classic Kids' Songs on October 23 (it's a huge album, 57 songs in all), I'm guessing we're going to see quite a few videos for the album in the next few months.  The first video specifically tied to the album is for "Froggie Went a Courtin'," and since it features cute young kids acting out the song, it should definitely draw your favorite preschooler's attention.  (And Berkner's pleading for you to subscribe to her YouTube channel is worth sticking around to the very end.)

Laurie Berkner - "Froggie Went a Courtin'" [YouTube]

Video: "I Made a Mess" - They Might Be Giants

The unstoppable march towards They Might Be Giants' new kids album Why? continues.  ("Time... is marching on...")  Today's TMBG Dial-A-Song treat is "I Made a Mess" and while as with many TMBG songs, its thematically ambiguous lyrics could fit on an album for kids or adults, lines like "No matter how much I wash / It looks even messier than / It did before / I'm making it worse / By trying to clean it up" sure sound like kids' album to me.

The only thing that gives me pause is that the video is filled with public-domain video clips and while it's cute and totally worth your kids' time (and yours), the band has tended to commission brand new animation and film for its kids DVDs.  Maybe this is a song that won't make the final cut for Why?, which means we're in for one fine time...

They Might Be Giants - "I Made a Mess" [YouTube]

Video: "Q and U" - The Bazillions

Quick - I have a question for you.

Has there ever been a band quite as educationally questioning as the Bazillions?

Y'know? Because this is a new video for "Q and U," off their album On The Bright Side?  Get it?

Forget this, then.  I'm quitting.

The Bazillions - "Q and U" [YouTube]

Video: "Do the Math" - Ralph's World (World Premiere!)

Ralph's World Rocks and Reads album cover

Ralph's World Rocks and Reads album cover

Ralph Covert is a very busy man late this summer.  He's curating the kids' stage at the first-ever Pilgrimage Festival in Franklin, Tennessee -- it's the last weekend in September and will feature Secret Agent 23 Skidoo, Jazzy Ash, Laura Doherty, Farmer Jason and Ralph himself, of course.  (Lots of parents will find the lineup not targeted at the kids pretty sweet, too.)

But beyond that, he's got a new album, Ralph's World Rocks and Reads, featuring a bunch of learning-friendly songs -- songs about reading, songs that have been turned into books, and my personal favorite, songs about math, with none more math-y than "Do the Math."  And so I'm happy to present the world premiere of the animated video for "Do the Math."  Personally, any song that talks about non-Euclidian geometry (and seems to do a decent job of describing it for 6-year-olds) is fine by me.

Ralph's World - "Do the Math" [YouTube]

Video: "Sloop John B" - Josh and the Jamtones

As the release of the brand new Josh and the Jamtones album ROCKSTEADY grows ever closer, they're continuing to release videos for maximum entertainment.

Their latest video is for "Sloop John B," and I know this may surprise you, but it's energetic.  (And with Jesse Wagner from the Aggrolites sitting in, why wouldn't it be?)

Now, it's not energetic as in LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS (waves hello at "Tailfeather" video), rather it's more energetic as in BATTLEBOT MONSTERS (waves hello at "Snow Day" video).

Pirates!  Monsters!  Flying escapes!  (And not a single Apple text message tone.)

Josh and the Jamtones - "Sloop John B" [YouTube]

Video: "C Is for Cat" - The Pop Ups

The wonderful duo The Pop Ups are continuing their video series, and their latest, Episode 4, features a BRAND NEW SONG.  The song is called "C Is for Cat," and while I can't say that it reaches the level of bonkers that their video for "Robot Dance" did, it's still pretty darn good as it outlines feline preferences (cars and carp, among other things).  And that robot dance video didn't instruct you or your kids on how to draw a cat.  This one?  Nailed it.

The Pop Ups - "C Is for Cat" [YouTube]