Video: "HBD, Dude!" - Mista Cookie Jar & the Chocolate Chips (World Premiere)


Southern California's Mista Cookie Jar is testing my hyphenating abilities.  His blend of hip-hop, soul sounds, Motown riffs, California vibes, and whatever else he throws in the mix can be too much for the English language too handle.

For his latest track, "HBD, Dude!," MCJ and his Chocolate Chips mix a surf-rock guitar track and some flowing verses that include the word "hashtag" to produce a very 21st-century celebration of someone's birthday.  (You can buy the track via that link above, or iTunes and CD Baby as well...)

For the video, which I'm world-premiering here today, Mista Cookie Jar can't be contained to a single POV, either.  He takes Beach Blanket Bingo-era footage, hand-animates it a bit, and throws in a nice Facebook/Instagram reference or three.  Throw in some kids eating cake and surf-dancing, and you've got yourself a party.

I'm going with "surf-hop."

Mista Cookie Jar and the Chocolate Chips - "HBD, Dude!" [YouTube]

Video: "Snow Day" - Josh and the Jamtones


Can a kids music video be called post-apocalyptic?

Should it?

All I know is that younger kids of tender heart (as judged by their caretakers) should probably be directed to another, mellower kindie video.  As Josh of Josh and the Jamtones puts it in the comments to the YouTube video, "If you're kicking it with your little 2 year old baby sister who maybe prefers ponies and the color purple to polar bears with laser beam guns then you might consider telling them to scram. You know, in as kind a way as possible."

The animation is from Arsen Rudchenko, and if it's not on the forthcoming Bear Hunt: The Movie! DVD (out January 21), I'll be sorely disappointed.

Josh and the Jamtones - "Snow Day" [YouTube]

Video: "Just Not Me" - The Hipwaders

For my tastes, Bay Area band The Hipwaders ranks right up there with Recess Monkey and Caspar Babypants in having kindie's best set of videos in terms of quality, quantity, and diversity.  Their latest video for "Just Not Me," off their new album Year-Round Sounds, pulls in another animator into the Hipwaders' fold, Will Guy of Goopymart, and with just a handful of touches (the tattoo parlor, the backwards "E" in the title character's graffiti, perfectly captures the narrator's... recalcitrance to mind rules.  Much fun.

The Hipwaders - "Just Not Me" [YouTube]

Video: "Hair" - fleaBITE

My choices for picking a new video from New Zealand band fleaBITE were this one for "Hair," about hair growth taken to extreme lengths, or this other one, "Don't Sit Under the Poo Tree," about, well, some sage advice. (Watch that video if you want to learn more.)

But, yes, I decided to go with the abnormally healthy follicles.  The song is from the band's 2011 debut album In Your Ear (the band's got a new album out, their third, called The Jungle Is Jumping this month). It's lyrics worthy of Shel Silverstein meeting the visuals worthy of Dr. Seuss. As combos go, that's a pretty good one.

fleaBITE - "Hair" [YouTube]

Video: "The Creatures Under My Bed": Caspar Babypants

I know, I just posted a review of Caspar Babypants' newest album Rise and Shine!.  Shouldn't I give somebody else some coverage on the site?

Yes, yes, I should (and soon!), but this brand new video from CB for "The Creatures Under My Bed" is just so much fun that I didn't want to wait another week or so.  I'm impatient that way sometimes.  Good stuff again from occasional Caspar Babypants-collaborator, New Zealand-based Mukpuddy. Happiest creatures of the week, by far.

Caspar Babypants - "The Creatures Under My Bed" [YouTube]

Video: "No Homework" - The Bazillions


I like to think of myself as liking a broad range of musical styles, but, yeah, powerpop!  One of the most consistent kindie powerpop purveyors are Twin Cities band The Bazillions, and when you add their consistently great videos to the mix, no wonder there's all sorts of Bazillions videos up here in this site.

The latest video from the band and their partners at eg design is for "No Homework," and while it's school-inspired, it doesn't quite have the learning-first approach of some of their best-known classics.  In fact, given that the song is called "No Homework," maybe it's learning last?  Anyway, the video can also be found on their brand-new Rockin' Video Collection DVD, available on their website.

The Bazillions - "No Homework" [YouTube]