Video: "2nd Grade Show" - Tim and the Space Cadets

I think most observers would agree that Tim and the Space Cadets' "Superhero" video was one of the most stunning debut videos in modern kids music -- excellent tune, great production values, fun video all around.

So I wondered whether or not the long-in-the-making second video from the band for their new song "2nd Grade Show" (off Anthems for Adventure, out January 29th) would even come close to the impact of the first video.

Question answered: yes, mostly.

I think I like "Superhero" the song more than "2nd Grade Show," but in terms of the video itself, its scope and shininess, it's every bit its predecessor's equal.  As someone who never watched the TV series Lost, I'm sure I missed 80% of the references to the show in the video, but I guess I'm proof that you (or your kids) can enjoy it even if you don't know your Hurley from your Smoke Monster.

Tim and the Space Cadets - "2nd Grade Show" [YouTube]