KidVid 2014 Tournament Semifinal #1: Alison Krauss vs. Frances England

Well, the voting for the initial stage of the 2014 edition of the KidVid Tournament from my list of favorite kids music videos of 2013 has ended and the top vote-getters are (alphabetically)...

Duke Otherwise - "Brussels Sprout Shout!"

Frances England - "Day You Were Born"

Karen K and the Jitterbugs - "(I Woke Up in a) Firetruck"

Alison Krauss (via Sandra Boynton) - "End of a Summer Storm"

But there's little time for the four of them to rest on their laurels as we move directly in the final, er, four.  Semifinal #1 features Frances England's stop-motion collage video (from Antonina Clarke) for "Day You Were Born" from Blink of an Eye going up against a bunny's courageous trip home in Keith Boynton's video for Alison Krauss' "End of a Summer Storm" from Sandra Boynton's Frog Trouble.

As always, the rules are brief and simple:

1) One vote per family.

2) Deadline to vote is 8 PM Thursday night West Coast time.

3) Be nice, play fair, have fun, don't get obsessed with it.

With that, watch both videos and vote!

Frances England - "Day You Were Born" [YouTube]

Alison Krauss (via Sandra Boynton) - "End of a Summer Storm" [YouTube]