KidVid Tournament 2014!

Yes, it's back.  The Internet's favorite almost meaningless bracket-based competition featuring kindie videos!

IT'S KIDVID TIME!  (Let's get ready to.... wait, is that phrase trademarked?)

Anyway, in hopes of reducing the amount of craziness and time KidVid Tournament takes up of my life, I'm running the whole thing this year.... and dramatically reducing the participants.  How am I doing that?  Well, I'm not doing that at all.

You are.

Just fill out the survey below with your 4 favorite kids music videos of 2013-ish (as selected by me in my list of favorite kids music videos of 2013).  The quick rules:

1) You must pick 4 -- no more, no less.

2) One vote per family.

3) Deadline to vote is 8 PM Wednesday night West Coast time.

4) Top 4 videos move on to the semifinals.

5) Be nice, play fair, have fun, don't get obsessed with it.

With that, let's watch and vote!