minimúsica's Fourth Album of Spanish Indie Rock for Kids


Project:  minimúsica Volume 4 - Education

Creator:  minimúsica

Description:  Do I like the indie pop/rock of Spain's minimúsica?  I liked Volumes 1 and 2, and Volume 3, too, so the answer is safely "yes."

Now the outfit is back, trying to raise the funds produce Volume 4, this one with an "Education" theme.  It'll feature music from… OK, I don't recognize any of the artists except Candela y Los Supremos, but I really didn't recognize any of the artists on Volumes 1 through 3, and those turned out pretty awesome.

They're trying to raise 15,000 Euros, or roughly $20,000 depending on the exchange rate, and while the reward levels might not work for too many on this side of the pond (and I don't think they've even contemplated the possibility that they'd receive foreign contributions), for just $27 or so you can get the CD plus the book Transports from one of the prior volumes.