A Brand New Feature: iOS App Reviews


I've reviewed a handful of iOS apps over the years here, but I've received and played with enough of them, especially over the past year, that I think it's time I pulled them out into a separate page and dedicated some (occasional) time to them. 

So I've set up a brand new page (accessible through the "Discover Kids Music" drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page) called iOS Apps (Music & More).  As the name suggests, it'll be a lot about music-based apps, but won't be totally limited to that.  They'll all be kid-friendly, though.

Right now, there's just one review -- of the new app from the Pop Ups and Mibblio called Miss Elephant's Gerald -- but I'm aiming for a weekly review.  Read the introduction to find out more, and if you've got an app you'd like to share, you know where to find me.