Miss Elephant's Gerald - Mibblio / The Pop Ups


Title: Miss Elephant's Gerald 

DeveloperMibblio / The Pop Ups

Compatibility: iPad / iOS 5.1

Size: 93.5 MB

Description:  The Brooklyn-based band The Pop Ups enter the app world with an app that lets kids play along with the slightly jazzy pop tune (which I've previously noted here).  The best part of this particular app, besides the Pop Ups' song, are the illustrations by Liz Starin. They are perfect for the song.  The app has a decent replay value.  As with the "mibblets" produced by Mibblio as part of its primary app (in fact, this song is available there, too, for $0.99), it allows the user to play along on various instruments whose notes adjust depending on the chords being used. This allows your kid (or, well, you) to always be in tune.  The user can also mute or un-mute specific tracks to create their own arrangement.  Pop Ups fans will be happy, and this is one of the better implementations of the "play along" genre.

Age Range: 3 through 7

Price: $1.99

Link: iTunes 

Note: I was provided a copy of this app for possible review.