A Brief Introduction

This website has always primarily been about kids music, but the ways families bring music into their lives is constantly in flux. 

The most recent trend is to use your family's tablet computer or smartphone to engage the kids in a musical activity -- smaller screen, more interaction. 

I have reviewed a handful of apps here on the site but have a ton more sitting on my iPhone and iPad waiting to be shared, so I'm creating this new page in hopes that that will spur me to share these on a more regular basis. 

Technical details: at the time of this writing I have an iPhone 4S and our family has an iPad 2.  We have no Android (or Microsoft or whatever other operating system is still out there) device and no plans on getting one, so expect these to be iOS only.  (Hence the page title - "iOS Apps".) 

Hope this page, focusing on family-friendly apps -- primarily but not solely musical -- is of some help to you in raising a musical family.  Thanks for reading