Video: "One To Ten" - Lucky Diaz

A Potluck album coverAm I a big Loog Guitars fan?  Am I a big Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band fan?  I dig my Loog guitar, and Diaz crafts some earwormy hooks, so let's answer in the affirmative.

And now, like some sort of kindie Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, they've joined forces. Diaz has written "One To Ten," a short, sharp pop tune written and recorded by Diaz on the Loog guitar.  I can vouch that the Loogs have that very percussive sound.

Diaz features other instruments on his upcoming album with the Family Jam Band, A Potluck, which is due out May 15 (with a new single, "Lines and Dots" out later this week).  But, you know, Loog hasn't figured out how to manufacture horns and accordions. Yet.

Lucky Diaz - "One To Ten" [YouTube]