Video: "On Hockey Days" - Raffi

On Hockey Days single coverHockey has not exactly had the reputation of a gentle sport; perhaps as a result, gentle kids music legend Raffi is probably not the first kids musician to come to mind when you think of "kids song about hockey."  (Of, course, neither was James Superstar Kochalka, and his song was pretty good.)

But, he is Canadian.  So perhaps that helps explain why he's just released a new song, "On Hockey Days," about the sport, and about youth hockey in particular.  It's a benefit song for his Centre for Child Honouring, and on the song's page for his website, he notes that the new song honors "hockey parents who devotedly take their kids to the rink all winter long, and sounds a call to fun, fair play and respect."  It's not a new album, but as a one-off single from Raffi, it's not bad at all.  The charity single was released north of the border last week and will be released here in the States tomorrow.

Or just watch the video.

Raffi - "On Hockey Days" [YouTube]