Video: "Twinkle Little Star" - Kori Pop

Sometime last year Songs for Little Bean album coverCanadian singer Kori Pop was asked to be a godparent.  So as a present to her goddaughter and her parents, she recorded an album of lullabies and children's songs.  One listen to the tracks and clips at the album's Bandcamp page will indicate that this is not a run-of-the-mill lullabye album.

But that's not why I'm featuring this video.

This video is why I'm featuring this video for her take on the kids' classic "Twinkle Little Star" (yes, only one "twinkle" in the title).  Directed by Kori herself, with a whole bunch of puppeteers, it is utterly captivating.

Kori Pop - "Twinkle Little Star" [YouTube]