(Early) Spring Kickstarter Update

Kickstarter logoThey're not monthly updates, these highlightings of Kickstarter and other other crowdsourcing efforts in the kids music world, but we pretty much could do that now.  Rarely does a week go by that a new family music project doesn't appear on Kickstarter, and I'm also hearing about new possibilities -- Koo Koo Kanga Roo (again) and Moona Luna are just a couple bands publicly mulling going the KS route.

First up, Bay Area band Orange Sherbet, who are Kickstarting for, well, just because they want to support their latest (and forthcoming) album Delicious. Besides offering copies of the music, of course, their project offers backers postcards, live music, and, yes, recipes.  Mmmm.... food.... 

Next up, Brooklyn band Astrograss is turning to the site to help fund their next kids' CD.  Their project offers backers unreleased music, t-shirts, posters, even lessons.  I've liked some of their previous work, so I'm totally serious when I say, "String bands for everyone!"

Staying in New York City, Tim and the Space Cadets are also using Kickstarter to push their new album, Anthems for Adventure, across the finish line.  Technically speaking, the monies raised by their project won't go to fund the two videos for the album (they're already shot), but I think I speak for everyone when I say that anything that helps produce a couple new Tim and the Space Cadets videos is a Good Thing.

Also of important note: Austin's Biscuit Brothers are Kickstarting once again.  Just go read the description and search my website for the band.  I think you know why this project is crucial.  Crucial!

Finally, a tip of the cap to Portland's The Alphabeticians and Alex and the Kaleidoscope Band.  Both the Alphabeticians' project and the Kaleidoscope Band's project were successfully funded.