KidVid Tournament 2012: Week 1 Summary

It was an exciting first week of action in KidVid Tournament 2012 and week 2 will be even more exciting.  (I hope.)  Without any further ado, the 2nd Round matchups are as follows...

Woody Guthrie Region
#1 Elizabeth Mitchell - "Ong Tal Sam" vs. #4 Princess Katie & Racer Steve - "Sand in My Sandwich"
#2 Dog on Fleas - "Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step?" vs. #6 Imagination Movers - "Everybody Sing"

The winner of the Woody Guthrie Region meets the winner of the...

Ella Jenkins Region

#1 Caspar Babypants - "Mister Rabbit" vs. #5 Gustafer Yellowgold "Pancake Smackdown"
#2 Renee & Jeremy - "Share" vs. #6 Todd McHatton - "I Think I'm a Bunny"

Leadbelly Region
#1 Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - "Blue Bear" vs. #5 Beethoven's Wig - "My Little Chicken"
#2 The Not-Its! - "First Kid in Outer Space" vs. #3 Rocknoceros - "Early Worm"

The winner of the Leadbelly Region will take on the winner of the...

Pete Seeger Region
#4 Brady Rymer - "Love Me For Who I Am" vs. #8 Suzi Shelton - "Tomboy in a Princess Dress"
#2 The Pop Ups - "Balloon" vs. #3 Rabbit! - "Magic"

As with last week's entries, this week's competition will place across teh Internets at these fine locales.  Really, you should familiarize yourself with each and every one of 'em!

Finally, I'd just like to say thanks to all of you for not entering the official tournament pool.  My faith in humanity -- for not entering a silly pool for a silly tournament -- is maintained.