KidVid Tournament 2012: The Official Pool!

In the past, when talking about the KidVid Tournament, I would inevitably make a joke about not to bet on the results as doing so could potentially be in violation of state and/or federal law.

Well, I'm proud to say that I've found a way around that problem and eliminated one particular punchline. I'm announcing the Official KidVid Tournament 2012 Pool. That's right, no longer will you have to scour the Internet for unofficial pools related to the tourney or visit shady offshore gambling facilities. For KidVid Tournament 2012, you can enter the Zooglobble-sanctioned pool.

Look at the brackets (attached at the bottom of this post), figure out who think will win each round, and e-mail that to me (zooglobble AT earthlink DOT net) by midnight West Coast time Sunday night/Monday morning.

OK, sure, you're saying, but why should I do this? Well, there will be two winners, who will each receive a prize pack of 3 great family music CDs (I promise they'll be good). The first winner will be the person who correctly guesses the most total matchups (with 5 points given to correctly picking the winner of the whole tournament), with any ties broken randomly. The second winner will be picked randomly from all entries.

You can get multiple additional entries for the random drawing by doing one or more of four things:
1) Tweeting about the tournament with a link to the KidVid Tournament 2012 bracket listing and using the hashtag #kidvid2012
2) Being a "fan" of the Zooglobble Facebook page and at least one other tournament hosting site (see the bracket listing for complete list).
3) Signing up for the Zooglobble newsletter (off to the side or at the very bottom of this post).
4) Tweeting about the tournament with a link to one of the first-round matchups next week and using the hashtag #KidVid2012.

When you send me your pool entry, just let me know if you're submitting extra entries through items 1-3 below (either because you're already a "fan" or a newsletter subscriber or because you've newly become so). I'll look for anything you do on #4 once the tournament starts, obviously.

If you have any questions, just shoot me an e-mail. Thanks, and have fun! [Brackets and newsletter signup after the jump.]
Woody Guthrie Region
#1 Elizabeth Mitchell - "Ong Tal Sam" vs. #8 Joe's Backyard Band - "Crow"
... the winner will meet...
#4 Princess Katie & Racer Steve - "Sand in My Sandwich" vs. #5 Mike Park - "Animal Park"
#2 Dog on Fleas - "Do You Wanna Know My New Dance Step?" vs. #7 The Baby Grands - "Dinosaur"
... the winner will meet...
#3 Billy Kelly - That Old American Flag vs. #6 Imagination Movers - "Everybody Sing"

The winner of the Woody Guthrie Region will take on the winner of the Ella Jenkins Region in the Final Four.

Ella Jenkins Region
#1 Caspar Babypants - "Mister Rabbit" vs.#8 Egg - "Green Eyes"
... the winner will meet...
#4 The Mighty Buzzniks - "To the Moon" vs. #5 Gustafer Yellowgold - "Pancake Smackdown"
#2 Renee & Jeremy - "Share" vs. #7 The Laurie Berkner Band - "Party Day"
... the winner will meet...
#3 Steve Weeks - "Bartleby Finkleton Will Not Take a Bath" vs. #6 Todd McHatton - "I Think I'm a Bunny"

Leadbelly Region
#1 Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band - "Blue Bear" vs. #8 Groove Kid Nation - "Humpty Dumpty"
... the winner will meet...
#4 Doctor Noize - "Noun Town" vs. #5 Beethoven's Wig - "My Little Chicken"
#2 The Not-Its! - "First Kid in Outer Space" vs. #7 The Que Pastas - "Mr. Butterfly"
... the winner will meet...
#3 Rocknoceros - "Early Worm" vs. #6 Jim Gill - "Living Inside of a Jar"

The winner of the Leadbelly Region will take on the winner of the Pete Seeger Region in the Final Four.

Pete Seeger Region
#1 The Bazillions - "Career Day" vs. #8 Suzi Shelton - "Tomboy in a Princess Dress"
... the winner will meet...
#4 Brady Rymer - "Love Me For Who I Am" vs. #5 The Okee Dokee Brothers / Readeez - "Antidisestablishmentarianism"
#2 The Pop Ups - "Balloon" vs. #7 Frances England - "That's What Friends Are For" (fan video)
... the winner will meet...
#3 Rabbit! - "Magic" vs. #6 Recess Monkey - "Flying"

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