The Ketchup Report, Vol. 10

The Ketchup Report hits double digits!

It's summer, time for festival season, and I think it's safe to say that until a kindie act rocks the Pitchfork Festival (and maybe even after then), DidiPop has the coolest festival gig, playing a set for families at the Wilco-curated Solid Sound Festival at the MASS MoCA museum (yes, I know that's redundant) this upcoming weekend.

SMBC_LunchMoney.jpgAttention, good people of Chattanooga, Tennessee and environs, Dave Loftin and the Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl radio are sponsoring a show with Lunch Money on Sunday, July 10. I'm a fan of radio folks putting on concert series, so I hope this does well. Plus, the show will be ten tons of fun. More details here.

I know, I'm a big fan of Kindiefest, but the Children's Music Network has been around for a long time, and if you attended Kindiefest, you might also get quite a bit out of attending their annual conference, which is in Cape Cod this year from September 16 through 18. Barry Louis Polisar, who has a lot of opinions about the current state of the genre and isn't afraid to share them, delivers the keynote. More details here.
Finally, in the category of videos -- I always have at least one of these in each Ketchup Report, here's a new one from Jamie Broza. It's for "Turn That Phone Off" from his latest album I Want a Dog! and while its eventual popularity will probably come in some future public safety announcement about texting and driving, that was never the primary theme I heard when I first heard the song a while back -- I responded much more to the idea of stopping and paying attention.

Jamie Broza - "Turn That Phone Off" [YouTube]