Monday Morning Smile: "She Walks in So Many Ways" - The Jayhawks

Regular readers know that I'm all over the map when it comes to these Monday Morning Smile posts -- they are, probably more often than not, unrelated to kids music. So I don't have much of a reason for embedding this stream of "She Walks in So Many Ways" other than I love the Jayhawks and I'm geeked that the band lineup from what most people consider the band's artistic high point of the early-to-mid-90s is back. Their new album, Mockingbird Time is out on September 20 from Rounder Records. This track sounds a lot like something that was on their last album, Rainy Day Music, but with the harmonies between Gary Louris and Mark Olson that helped give the band its distinctive sound.

Sometimes you just want to listen to your own music, you know?