Review: FLYING! - Recess Monkey

FLYING Cover 72 dpi.jpg1. There once was a band from Seattle
For whom writing reviews was a battle
So consistently good
That even though I should
Provide insight, my same-ness would prattle.

2. So instead of writing a review
The way that I normally do
I took a new tack
Went down a new track
To talk about this distinguished crew.

3. The band, of course, is Recess Monkey
A trio, a band made up of three
Guys named Jack, Drew and Daron
On this album they're tearin'
Through more songs both peppy and funny.

4. They've released their album called FLYING!
Effortless, like they're not even trying
This album's their seventh
It's still free of bad synth
And features laughter and (appropriate) crying.

5. In time these three fine young fellows
Have matured, though they've not yet quite mellowed
They write short, sharp pop ditties
For elementary kiddies
With lyrics that quite easily flow [Ed.: Better than this, to be sure.]

6. At this point the band writes succinctly
And perhaps a little distinctly
There's almost no fluff
Or extraneous stuff
The melodies simply just hit me.

7. Tor Hyams produced this new disk
And sonically the sound is quite brisk.
Played piano, too
Acting as the glue
That kept the band sounding their best.

8. Beyond that, there are other guest stars
Like Chris Wiser from Sugar Free Allstars [Ed.: "stars"? "Allstars"? that's stretching it.]
Dean Jones, Chris Ballew,
Justin Lansing and Tom Baisden, too
A duet with Molly Ledford, and Johnny Bregar.

9. Most all of their lyrics are great
Heroes big and small predominate.
A kid's life is his "Day Job,"
"Toolbox"'s tender but odd,
And "Flapjacks" spells out what's on your plate.

10. My favorite songs this time around
Are "Toolbox," with lots of quaint tool sounds.
"Super Stuffies" is epic
"Your Favorite Book" ranks to me second
"Bunk Bed" is a Phil Spector track re-found. [Ed.: "Re-found?" Really? Sigh.]

12. The ages of kids who'll think it's most great
Would be between that of four and of eight.
To listen to songs
You won't be steered wrong
By going here, don't hesitate.

13. As always I would be remiss,
If the artwork I did not address.
Jarrett Krosoczka's
Comics make the most of
The theme the album does possess.

14. So I hope that you're not too offended
By how rhyming this review I've amended
But Recess Monkey is fab
and you prob'ly should grab
FLYING!, highly recommended.