More Halloween Songs and Videos

In my last edition, I highlighted some free Halloween tunes. This time 'round, the songs aren't free, but the videos are. Is that better or worse?

First up, Princess Katie and Racer Steve hired a 53-piece orchestra for their Halloween tune, which is about 51 more pieces than they could have gotten had they hired the Shepherd family. I think they made the right choice. Also, I draw like crap, so the video's waaaaay better, too.

Princess Katie and Racer Steve - "Halloween" [YouTube]

But wait, there's more!
Props to Yosi and the Superdads for their campaign to get their song "I'm Not Afraid" played on radio. It's not actually their song, it's actually, er, "The Angry Beards'" song. Apparently they kidnapped Yosi and, oh, it's too complicated to explain. Watch the video...

The Angry Beards - "I'm Not Afraid" [YouTube]

Finally, family band vogelJoy have what is I believe is the unscariest Halloween-related video (or song) you will see this season.

vogelJoy - "Missing in the Corn Maze" [YouTube]