The Five Best Halloween Kids Music Videos... Ever?

Well, of course not. I mean, I'm sure a Halloween kids music video will come out next year that will knock number 5 below out of the list. [Ed.: Heck, I forgot one already, added as #6, that should've been in the top 5.] But they're five videos six worth your family's 15 minutes or so. 5. John Hadfield - "Robot Monkey Head" [YouTube] OK, technically speaking this isn't a Halloween video. But it darn well should be. The list continues...

More Halloween Songs and Videos

In my last edition, I highlighted some free Halloween tunes. This time 'round, the songs aren't free, but the videos are. Is that better or worse? First up, Princess Katie and Racer Steve hired a 53-piece orchestra for their Halloween tune, which is about 51 more pieces than they could have gotten had they hired the Shepherd family. I think they made the right choice. Also, I draw like crap, so the video's waaaaay better, too. Princess Katie and Racer Steve - "Halloween" [YouTube] But wait, there's more!

Video: "Sand in My Sandwich" - Princess Katie and Racer Steve

Like a combination of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and some Wii game, the video for "Sand in My Sandwich," a track off of Princess Katie and Racer Steve's 2010 album Tiny Cool is saturated with color and energy. Silly surf-rock at its finest. Princess Katie & Racer Steve - "Sand in My Sandwich" [YouTube]

Even More Free Holiday Music From

Jitterbug.jpgIn the midst of Hanukkah, and only a week or so before the solstice, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, it's prime time for holiday music. No sooner do I post about a free track than the folks at Jitterbug's let me know about their holiday playlist. It's a good one and even better, it's a free one, available for downloading or streaming. Music from The Hipwaders, Brady Rymer, Didi Pop, Gustafer Yellowgold, Princess Katie & Racer Steve, Rock Daddy Rock, and David Tobocman. Good stuff (I've already talked about a few songs on the list), downloadable here and in a few cases, nowhere else.

Video: "We Dress Ourselves" (Live) - Princess Katie & Racer Steve

You usually have to watch animated Disney videos to see princesses sing, but if your kids are looking for something that rocks a wee bit more than your typical Disney princess, New York's Princess Katie and Racer Steve are coming to the rescue -- their live DVD Revved Up & Ready To Rock! is set for release in February. They've just posted a cut from the concert recorded earlier this year at NYC's Highline Ballroom. And, yes, Racer Steve's got his baseball cap. Princess Katie and Racer Steve - "We Dress Ourselves" (Live)

Looking For CDs...

Not me personally (though, hey, if you've got something new, drop me a line), Princess Katie and Racer Steve. They're playing some charity gigs at hospitals this fall and are looking for kids music CDs that they can leave with the kids (or the hospitals) they play for. Good idea, that, so if you're a kids' musician, you may want to drop 'em a line. (Hat tip: Gwyneth.)