Radio Playlist: New Music October 2011

Time again to update the Zooglobble radio station, covering assorted tracks collected late summer and early this fall. I had to move a number of tracks to a "New Music November 2011" playlist, so here's hoping one appears by, say, November 2011.

This playlist airs in the mid-afternoons (West Coast time), but if you can't listen in the afternoon, the tracks are scattered throughout the day, too. As always, the listing below is as random as the on-air play order (which is due to Internet music restrictions).

Tea Party - The Jimmies (Practically Ridiculous)
Back Home - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
Punk Rocks - In The Nick Of Time (Making Silly Faces)
What!? - Snapdragon Seeds (Snapdragon Seeds)
Quarter Moon Shining - Chip Taylor & the Grandkids (Golden Kids Rules)
Farewell to the Farm - Ted Jacobs (Back To the Garden)
Wesley Werewolf - Skelly and the Punkins
Wake Up Baby! - Dan Zanes & Friends (Little Nut Tree)
I Think I’m A Bunny - Todd McHatton (Galactic Champions of Joy)
Feets Up (Featuring Rani Arbo) - Alastair Moock (These Are My Friends)
Echolocation - Rocknoceros (Colonel Purple Turtle)
Still Small Voice - Palo Colorado (U R Some 1)
Garbage Man - Mr. Richard & The Pound Hounds (Backyard Astronauts)
Seafood Song - Chuck Cheesman (Dancing With No Shoes On)
Baby Makes Three - Papa Crow (Things That Roar)
A Piano Is Stuck In The Door - Beethoven's Wig Featuring Richard Perlmutter (Beethoven's Wig: Sing Along Piano Classics)
Farm To The Table - Shannon Wurst (Green & Growing (Roots Music For Eco-Kids))
Go Out And Play - The Plants (Sprouting Out)
Country Ditty - The Toy Trains (The Toy Trains)
The Tale Of The Hasty Baker - Miss Lynn (Something New)
Bus Stop - Yosi and the Superdads (Wake Up!)
Keep on the Sunny Side - Professor Banjo (PB and Jam)
1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..Drums - Mike Park (Smile)
I Like Silver, I Like Gold - Ben Rudnick (Live In Lexington)
The Antelope Can't Elope - Bill Crosby (Boomerang Orangutan)