Biscuit Brothers Have a Big Weekend Coming Up

Oh, how we do enjoy our Biscuit Brothers here at Zooglobble HQ. The DVDs are great, the CDs are around the house -- really, we love 'em.

But there are times when not living in Austin, the Brothers' home base, really puts a crimp in our Biscuit-lovin' lifestyle.

For example, we'd probably be thinking about attending the Austin Family Music Festival this Saturday, featuring not only shows from the Brothers (and presumably Buttermilk, though I'm not sure about Tiny Scarecrow) but also sets from the incredibly cool Sara Hickman and the incredibly cool-sounding Invisible Czars. (Not to mention a lot of other musicians and farm animals. Can't go wrong with farm animals.)

And on top of that, long-awaited Season 5 of the Brothers' TV show (sadly unaired here in Arizona, despite my pleas to our local PBS affiliate) debuts that very morning. Here's a clip from the season opener featuring Austin artist ZEALE RapZ. At 3 minutes long it doesn't give a good sense of the general goofiness a full episode provides, but, hey, it's all I'll get of Season 5 'til the DVD comes out, oh, 3 years from now.