Video: "Frankie's Instruments" - Mark Greenberg

If you want to know how busy I've been this winter and spring, this video below is proof. It's from Mark Greenberg, half of the duo behind the brilliant John and Mark's Children's Record, and was on the holiday CD card Greenberg puts out annually. I received a copy right around the New Year and finally got around to watching it this week. (Musicians, I promise, it takes me less time to get to your actual CDs.) And as soon as I watched it, though, I e-mailed Greenberg and only half-jokingly suggested that if he didn't post it to the Internet for public enjoyment, I would, copyright laws and artistic ownership be damned. (OK, maybe three-quarters-jokingly.)

Luckily, Greenberg decided that he'd be happy to share. It's called "Frankie's Instruments" and features his youngest son, Frankie, along with Frankie's two older siblings. It's a jazzy little tune, and while the illustrations would never pass Walt Disney's muster, they fit really well with the kids' vocals. (Note: As Amberly surmises below, the illustrations are indeed from Frankie's older siblings and they're better than I could ever do.)

Mark Greenberg - "Frankie's Instruments" [YouTube]