Share: "K.I.D.S." - Luv Clowns

LuvClowns-Insert-YS-6x6-72dpi.jpgTrying to explain Luv Clowns is not the easiest thing to do. Or, rather, doing so makes the project sound really, really odd. Which it isn't. Quite.

So, simply put, Luv Clowns consists of four well-known Memphis musicians - Harlan T. Bobo, Doug Easley, Alex Greene, and Tim Prudhomme - whose album was released late last month on Goner Records. Oh, and they all dress up in clown costumes when performing. I'm not sure if it's a kids music album for adults, or an adult album (relatively) safe enough for kids, but I do know that the song below, "K.I.D.S.," is a bunch of fun. Stream or download it below, courtesy of Goner.

Luv Clowns - "K.I.D.S." [mp3]